Why is Rick Simpson Oil Special?

rick simpson oil

Most patients opt for Rick Simpson oil because it is the most complete cannabis oil available. Rick Simpson oil captures all the goodness in cannabis; some compounds include flavonoids, terpenes, cannabinoids, and other natural plant materials that are not commonly found in other cannabis oils. 

Each of these compounds has various functions and works differently in the body. When used in cycles, the endocannabinoid system is stimulated in a more complete way – the entire plant experience is higher than the sum of its parts. 

What makes Rick Simpson Oil Different?

The biggest difference between Rick Simpson Oil and other cannabis oils is that RSO contains high amounts of THC. They look flawless, smooth, and free from imperfection. Although this is the composition of most extracts, it is certainly not with Rick Simpson oil.

Rick Simpson oil is deliberately unrefined, therefore offering the complete range of compounds naturally found in marijuana. When you observe Rick Simpson oil, you’ll notice that it is dark, having flecks in it. The dark, deep, rich oil is fresh and untouched. Nothing is filtered out, thereby offering the complete range of compounds found in marijuana.  

Why is it Desirable?

While research has shown that Rick Simpson oil is effective in fighting cancerous cells in addition to other therapies, Rick Simpson oil can also treat tons of other health conditions. Some of which are highlighted below:

* Asthma

* Arthritis

* Inflammation

* Depression

* Multiple sclerosis

* High blood pressure

* Some infections such as MRSA


The dosage is different for everyone based on sex, age, and other physical health factors. The rule of thumb regarding Rick Simpson oil is sixty grams over ninety days. Patients are recommended to begin with three doses daily of a tiny drop equivalent to a rice grain. This drop is either ingested or applied topically every eight hours.

From here, patients are advised to double their dose every four days. After five weeks, the patient is meant to increase their dose to a gram of oil daily until all sixty grams are exhausted. This dosage is recommended for patients who have cancer. Although some anecdotal proof shows that this dosing method works, other patients may benefit from different ingestion and dosage methods.

Vaping or Smoking Rick Simpson Cannabis Oil

We do not recommend vaping or smoking RSO. However, if you are going to vape or smoke RSO instead of using it topically or ingesting it, you must ensure that the oil is right. We recommend you check with your budtender at the cannabis dispensary from which you intend to buy RSO. However, if you intend to make it yourself, ensure you burn off the alcohol entirely before smoking it.However, if you choose to use Rick Simpson hemp oil, always ensure that you start low and go really slow. Cannabis edibles, in general, can be very potent, so you might want to use less than you think you need.


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