Rick Simpson Oil and The Stages of High

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Like fingerprints, everyone has a specific endocannabinoid, which is why everyone’s cannabis experience is unique. An edible with 3ml of THC can get one person high while another person would barely even feel any effect. However, there is one fact that all marijuana enthusiasts can agree on: THC gets everyone high, and high is a journey. 

This blog highlights the stages of getting high. Scroll down and continue reading to learn more about this. If you take Rick Simpson oil, you might experience these stages of high, depending on the method of consumption and amount.  

The Stages

Below are the six stages of high:

1. The Stage before the High

Your mouth and nose are the first to interact with marijuana. Even when you take edible terpenes traces can predict your high’s intensity, duration, and direction. Tasting and smelling your weed can have a substantial effect on your marijuana journey. 

And while you are smelling and tasting your weed, you can shore up your snacks or plans for when your high kicks in. 

2. The First Sign 

When THC crosses your brain-blood barrier and binds to the receptors of your CB1, the high is instigated. This initiation can happen hours after eating an edible, minutes after blowing a sense blunt, or seconds after hitting a dab.

Many variables dictate cannabis activation. However, variables aside, once your brain-blood barrier has been breached, the major effects of marijuana can start to percolate. These effects usually start with a feeling of effervescence in your limb and a mild shift in cognition that smoothens and brightens rough edges, gradually blooming throughout the body. 

3. Feeling a Bit Stoned

During the time between onset and activation, you can expect intense cerebral and physical effects that have started to percolate. The intensity of this moment and length of time depends greatly on the user’s DNA, the strain, and the method of consumption. 

As the concentration of THC in your bloodstream increases, the high develops and features effects such as pain relief, relaxation, or creativity. The perfect time to connect with your body is stages 2-3. Applying Rick Simpson oil on your skin will not get you here. 

4. The Blazed Feeling

In this stage, your blood reaches maximum THC concentration. Here, you get a very overwhelming effect. We recommend you ground yourself with mindful, deep breaths at this stage. Depending on the amount of Rick simpson cannabis oil, you might get to this stage. 

5. Tension

As your body starts to readjust to the THC in your bloodstream, you can sometimes feel a tug between ascension and gravity, which may cause tension or anxiety. 

6. Hitting the Peak

Here, your high solidifies, and your chosen product or strain’s effects should sharpen, and whatever characteristics attracted you to this product will become tangible and substantial. 

Strains that impact focus might produce high and wild creativity, chill-out strains will lock you into the couch, chatty strains will loosen jaws, and euphoric strains will launch giggle fits. For some users, this is considered the peak when THC blood concentration is at its peak, and their bodies securely acclimate to that concentration. 


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