Full Treatment 120 Capsules –Bulk Discount (Stage II-IV)


FULL TREATMENT CAPSULES [Each capsule is 0.5 grams]

Recommended: Stage 2-4

For those seeking the Full Treatment of 60 grams, capsules are a convenient way to get medicated. Included is (120) RSO capsules, cheaper than buying individually. Take 1-2 per day.

Type: Indica Hybrid

THC: 93.01%

Terpenes: 100%

Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) capsules are full spectrum, high potency, and contains fully activated THC, Cannabinoids, Terpenes, Flavonoids, Chlorophyl, and Carotenoids.

***Note: RSO color will be lighter than image. RSO color is determined by the level of filtration and the types of strains used.

1 review for Full Treatment 120 Capsules –Bulk Discount (Stage II-IV)

  1. munkiboy

    Absolutely fantastic customer service, medicine arrived well packed and secure within days of purchase. I ordered the capsules full course of 60mg and cannot wait to see the results. Would highly recommend this awesome company to all in need. much love.

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